Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Walked, The Lady Of Sand Followed...

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I always loved the prospect of getting lost. If it was in an alien territory where I knew not their language, it was all the more better. To me, it was a true test of my gesticulating skills. The sign language expert that I was, I always passed with flying colors. I never once lost my way, until the day France cried and Italy sighed in deliverance.

Where there is a will, there is a way, they say. I insist that it is not so. It should be ''Where there is a will and a human to ask the way, there is a way.'' Else, you are doomed, like I was that fateful day.

I was on an assignment to the other end of the world. Just as I finished, the Lady of Sand started her hunt. She hunted with fury, howling in glee, making sand her weapon. It blinded and it stung. It took away everything in its path.

And then, I lost my way, courtesy, The Lady of Sand. She passed the dunes and they never were the same again. Walking in the storm, I felt the pathos of the doomed nomad. I tasted bitter fear, and I shook.

Heat, Wind, Sand – The deadly trilogy that made many a man lie down and die. I lived fear, and then redemption came.

I reached a tarred road during a moment of respite for The Lady of Sand and I hailed the pleasing green on four wheels. Leaning back on the plush seat in controlled cool temperature was not an act of luxury. It was the joy of realization that after the Lady of Sand, there inevitably came the grace of god.


Phantom Seraphim said...

Interesting blog. I like it.

Sharan Sharma said...


Neers said...

wow!! being lost a fanatsy?? i would be very scared!! thanks Criz, for stopping by and yes... we do need to do something to pre empt those terror strikes all over the planet.. thanks again!

Twisted DNA said...

You write quite well!

aarshi said...

very beautifully put.
"heat wind and sand. the deadly trilogy that made many a man lie down and die."
the sandman cometh.

Anonymous said...
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