Saturday, June 24, 2006

Coffee, Tea Or My Me?

Disclaimer – Though a lot of passing years has jaded my memory, I have tried to be as accurate as accurate can be.

I have always had a soft corner for village tea shops. We were truly spoilt for choices at the place where I grew up. We had three shops to choose from and I was a spoilt brat, thanks to my grand dad, who was quite a prominent figure.

Those ancestral-home visits were reserved for the long holidays. Many times have I gone to bed praying for it to start the very next day. But when I woke up, it was still those four white walls, looking and being looked upon.

The tea shops were always the same, the ambience never changed. If in one, the goddess smiled down on you with a shower of gold coins, at the next, it was Jesus Christ with an open wound to his heart, oozing blood and love. It smelled my favourite smell at the third tea-shop – that of freshly squeezed coconut oil.

It was in these shops that the world came together. It was in these shops that the news of the world was gathered and dispelled. It was here that a million 'matches-made-in-heaven' was finalized and it was here that rebellion first came to my little village. It was the place where my father got his strong circle of friends and it was here that I wished I could emulate my father and his close circle.

It was a million things in one, and then some more. It was a million things that many thought would not change, but did. It was a million things that described me, and then became strangers.

I walked those roads recently when I was home. Later, I wished I hadn’t.

The dried palm-leaf roof was gone, hard concrete boiled down on me. The little card-board sign which proclaimed the hotels name was long dead and gone. Plastic coated vinyl sheets glared down at me. The little wooden shelf which displayed the little round snacks were little no more. Nor were they wooden.

It was an 'Impersonal' steel hue everywhere, as long as my tear stained eye went. My old land was gone, to never ever come back. As I walked home, it began to rain, first as a drizzle and then as a torrent. For a fleeting moment, I felt god sharing my pain, for things that had gone horribly wrong.

Maybe one day, I will tell my grand children…'' Before Pepsi and Coke overtook my country, there were these three little tea shops…''
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Its NOT About Money, Honey!

I swear, its not about money.

For 23 years, I never provided, I did not have the means.

If my thinking confirms with what god has planned for me, then I believe I will provide for the next 23 years or even much more.

It’s a nice glowing feeling of warmth inside at the start of every month. Sending money home gives you the feeling of doing your Penny's worth - for the trust, the time, the money, and the pains – your parents invested in you.

It may be the 'Mallu-syndrome' at work and if so, I am the happiest man on earth.

I gotta go, I think I can already hear the sweet sound of my next pay cheque arriving.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tagged A Strange Stranger!

I was tagged for the very first time by a very dear friend. It's eons since I promised to give the tag a thought, and now, eons later, I do. The next few lines could bore you to death or bring a curving smile as your face blossoms in recognition. My duty is to recognise six weird facts about me (easier than I thought it would be) and tag another six of my friends who Blog.
First tings first. Ladies and gentlemen, the Strange Facts Files:

Strange Fact 1 – I can never ever find a topic to write on, it finds me every time. I love to paint pictures with words and the pictures would never be earth shattering. It'd mean a lot to me, but never to the world. I feel weird in deriving pleasure out of describing the tiniest details in my posts, but that’s me, for you!

Strange Fact 2 – I relate incidents in my life to smell and music. It stays with me for ever, coming back to me in flashes and flashbacks. Endless rumination follows and the end result would always be deep sadness or wild exhilaration of joy.

Strange Fact 3 – I still cry when I read the articles on Reader's Digest. I cry for happy endings in movies and wail when it ends the way it should nowadays. I take crying to an entirely different level and everything would have been fine had I not been a guy of 24, with 84 kilos on his more than chubby 170 cm framed body. If that’s not strange, tell me, what is?

Strange Fact 4 – Has a fascination for all eye-balls other than my colour, Black. Green mesmerises me, Blue dumbfounds. While Grey never ceases to amaze, Brown roots me to the spot. Fiery Orange is what I have looked out for and Black is what has looked back at me most. Stranger than fiction, yet truer than the truth!

Strange Fact 5 – In a web-site named Orkut lives my dear pals of time and beyond. I know of their existence, but never have added them. They took pains to add me and I have always welcomed them. It's strange to know that I am acting pricey (although it's not in my character), but its stranger to know that I continue doing so despite risking a snub.

Strange Fact 6 – Its feels so strange to know that I sat with this post for the past three hours, assessing my strangeness quotient. So much for the thought of me being the strangest human to have walked the earth.

Friends I feel are strange enough to have a tag on them…

Ajoy Philip Babu
Sharan Sharma
Rajasree Ray

(Please do what I have done and tag six of your friends, for more info, just send a screamer my way.)