Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tagged A Strange Stranger!

I was tagged for the very first time by a very dear friend. It's eons since I promised to give the tag a thought, and now, eons later, I do. The next few lines could bore you to death or bring a curving smile as your face blossoms in recognition. My duty is to recognise six weird facts about me (easier than I thought it would be) and tag another six of my friends who Blog.
First tings first. Ladies and gentlemen, the Strange Facts Files:

Strange Fact 1 – I can never ever find a topic to write on, it finds me every time. I love to paint pictures with words and the pictures would never be earth shattering. It'd mean a lot to me, but never to the world. I feel weird in deriving pleasure out of describing the tiniest details in my posts, but that’s me, for you!

Strange Fact 2 – I relate incidents in my life to smell and music. It stays with me for ever, coming back to me in flashes and flashbacks. Endless rumination follows and the end result would always be deep sadness or wild exhilaration of joy.

Strange Fact 3 – I still cry when I read the articles on Reader's Digest. I cry for happy endings in movies and wail when it ends the way it should nowadays. I take crying to an entirely different level and everything would have been fine had I not been a guy of 24, with 84 kilos on his more than chubby 170 cm framed body. If that’s not strange, tell me, what is?

Strange Fact 4 – Has a fascination for all eye-balls other than my colour, Black. Green mesmerises me, Blue dumbfounds. While Grey never ceases to amaze, Brown roots me to the spot. Fiery Orange is what I have looked out for and Black is what has looked back at me most. Stranger than fiction, yet truer than the truth!

Strange Fact 5 – In a web-site named Orkut lives my dear pals of time and beyond. I know of their existence, but never have added them. They took pains to add me and I have always welcomed them. It's strange to know that I am acting pricey (although it's not in my character), but its stranger to know that I continue doing so despite risking a snub.

Strange Fact 6 – Its feels so strange to know that I sat with this post for the past three hours, assessing my strangeness quotient. So much for the thought of me being the strangest human to have walked the earth.

Friends I feel are strange enough to have a tag on them…

Ajoy Philip Babu
Sharan Sharma
Rajasree Ray

(Please do what I have done and tag six of your friends, for more info, just send a screamer my way.)


Arti Honrao said...

Hello ...
My dear friend ... I take ur tag, would do it but after I do the already pending tags :D
BTW, my name is Arti [not GBU] :p
GBU means God Bless You!!!


chandni said...

:0 Nice list there!!

Thanks so much for indulging me :D

Its just cute...not weird!!!

Sharan Sharma said...

Thanks CC!
Am re-posting this comment...blogger is going GOI's way "Hum naye database mein shift kar rahe hai...rukawat ke liye khed hai". Ok, it said that in English. But whatever,...

Now, my wierd fact no. 1:
What is this tag thing?!
confession: Though i have not even touched 30, i was even unaware about blogs till my students here gently brought it to my attention. So pardon my ignorance!
But need to do what you've done, right?

aarshi said...

thanks for the tag because it was fun. :)

and now for the judgement....

are you weird?


as much as anyone else is, i suppose, aren't we all?

its so strange to see how different different people's ideas of "weird" actually is.

and the fact that everybody is weird according to their own assessment if they want to be.... is just plain weirder!

i went through a few tagged posts and everyone's idea of "weird" is unique. yours especially so. and that makes you extra weird. :)

why do people want to be weird,me included? does weird => different...?

Arti Honrao said...

Hi! GBU is fine wid me :D
I hv done ur tag n tagged u in return :p
Check my blog for details

GBU ;)

Sharan Sharma said...

Hi CC,
Am struggling with your tag thing :)

chandni said...

if boss has finished frying the ass...can we have a new post? :)

@tom said...

Loved the strange facts to core. and thanks for a "more than generous" comment on my blog! :D

Actually, now I have news for you.. I have often found myself listening "Mi2-Soundtrack-Take a look around" while tragetting the "targets" :D

And whats even better is that, often I am driven crazy by smells and wheather into my past. Each smell [familiar ones and the ones not inhaled in the intoxicated environment of morning poop-job] is distinguish for me too, reminding of something or other very specific in my life.

My fav. is a eraser smell which reminds me always of a "much cherished possesion" half green half white "alphabet eraser and sharpner" in standard 2nd. sigh.. I miss those things!

Boy, this world got just a little bit more stranger!

And thanks for linking my blog. I see here, that you are an avid blogger yourself and that too very good one! :)

Cheers to blooging, tagging and commenting... I shall Book-Mark You..
[Murmurs....Targer Terminated!] :D

xiamaze said...

HER NAME IS rajasEE not rajasRee..

aarshi said...

thanks for that comment...

Saurabh said...

Don't worry. You are not weird at all! It is just that u have not met any real weird people. I have known many fellow students in my hostel in my engineering college days that will blow your mind!!

Also you sound a bit self obsessed.

I enjoyed yout post. Keep up the good work.