Thursday, July 20, 2006

And God Painted The World!

What colors would god give the world if he was to do it all over again?

Thanks to the National Geographic, for showing the world for a century, the beauty of sight!
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V N said...

thats one AWESOME pic!
thx for sharing, bro!

Vintage said...

Just had to post a comment to this one.

If God were to redo the world, he'll do it exactly the same way as he did before, no second thoughts abt it.

Nachi said...

maybe he'd use some more colors!! i just can't get enough of what we have already...

"Raang de is jaahan ko", that's what i'd ask him to do!!

Neers said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!! i just loved it and copied it on my laptop!

Hey Criz, thank you for the words on my post!!

And Nat Geo...definitely wins a Kudos!!

by the way, did i tell you... i like the clean look here...:)

Twisted DNA said...

Good picture.

I am a subscriber for National Geographic for a long time. I like them because they seem sincere in their effort to showcase the world, the local cultures and wildlife.

aarshi said...