Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Every Creative Writer's Nightmare...

This post is an ode to the words which never took shape, however hard I tried.

This post is for those times, when you desperately wanted to write, but could not.

This post is for those long hours spent on rumination, on the next topic for the post.

This post is for the seven complete deletions that happened before this was accepted by the editor in me.

Writers block, damn him to hell!
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Sharan Sharma said...

>when you desperately wanted to write, but could not

Why not? Because you thought you were not being good enough for your readers? The bloggers trap :)

Pineapple Princess! said...

Sometimes its hard to get those words out. have you ever tried a "free post"? you just put your fingers to the keyboard, and without bothering with punctuation or anything just type words, type what you feel, what you think how your mind wanders. and then post it. a lack of censorship can really produce interesting results.

Thanks so much for the compliments/comments. You make my day!:D

Neers said...

heyy thanks for stopping by... and i know exactly what you are talking about here!! :)

me?? am jus fine...trying to hang on,to sometimes jazz.. sometimes.. life itself!

I.oana said...

Ouf, I understand you 100%. I guess every artist, no matter how hard he/she tries to create, gets a block now and then. Just have a little patience, I have been browsing through your latest posts, and I found out that you are smart, funny and talented :) Keep up the good work and take care of yourself, ok?

chandni said...

awwwwwwwwwww...a good cup mof coffee and ghazals migh help :)

aarshi said...

writer's block is sooooo annoying. there's always an idea which doesn't want to come out. and you keep pushing at it and then push it too hard and it comes out the wrong way...... it's worse than having an idea and then not finding time to put it down.