Saturday, July 01, 2006

After My Beast, There Came Silvester...

Why do I give names to all my possessions?

Why do I call my Nokia 3230 'The Beast'?

Born out of sheer habit, my new laptop, a day old, has been named 'Silvester'.

He is my Noble Fair unicorn.

It wouldn't change the world, nor save it, but for me, the world has just changed.

Holding on to his white mane, I watch the world go by.

Dream two down, many more to go! Posted by Picasa


Arti Honrao said...

A hello frm another "beast" holder :)
This reminds me ... did u get the infrared device for transfering the images from cell 2 pc?

aarshi said...

i gave rupsha a basketball and she named it garette.

Sharan Sharma said...

1.I see you've disabled copy-paste! i was trying to put your quote here but now am going to type it out :)
> Dream 2 down, many more to go
Good luck!

2. On naming things : this is my standard PJ in my first lecture to break the ice with students - "Hi - i'm Sharan and this is Jeff"...
You don't know Jeff, CC? Silvester's cousin!

shikha said...

pehle laptop...m jealous!!ha ha...congrats for being a proud owner of..wat was d name...yeah...sylvester...!nice name

Neers said...

and the dreams must go on...! :)
cellphone, with IR and activate your GPRS and then cell, laptop and the worlds yours!! :)