Monday, January 29, 2007

It (D)Rained!

There was a time not too long a go when the first drops of rain on fresh baked earth sent me into moments of nirvana. The heat would suddenly dissipate and in its place would come the sweet smell of parched earth, which suddenly founds its lifeblood. And then, inevitably, the croaks of a hundred frogs would follow.

I had my most beautiful rain experiences in God’s own country, at my very own backyard. There always was a set pattern. The skies would darken; my pet dogs would get restless; the air would cool down; the first hint of wetness would creep into the wind; and then, god would cry down.

…Or as my some of my friends used to say, god would take his shower.

It was a long time back that I fell for rain and she, was my first lover. I could sense its mood swings, its silent rage. I could see the soft smile, I could feel the gentle grace. It was always my soothing calm and more than anything, she was mine.

During the Asian Games, it rained in Qatar like never before. It lasted weeks together, but there never was any warmth. There was no smell of parched earth, there was not a croak to be heard. All around me, the pale earth got paler, and slimier. The Arabs went wild with joy and burned tyres on the pavement in an act of joy.

Sometime then, somewhere deep inside, rain died for me. For it to come back alive, I need to be surrounded by the greens, the chirpings of the birds, the restlessness of my dogs, the yellow leaves that skelter down, the croaks of the frogs, the salty wind that course through the hair…

In short… Home!
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chandni said...

very well written :)

well I love a rainy night...

Arti Honrao said...

Lovely post!
WOh baarish ki khusboo
Fir se dil ko mehka ke gayi!


The Inner i said...

Among those posts I never got down to write, is a first rain in Hyderabad two years back. A totally surreal experience, where I saw nothing but two colors - black and yellow, all around the water that soaked me that night. I can't describe it now, but the montages play in my head every time i smell the rain.

So much so, that I simply had to spent the whole of the last monsoons in kerala, where I went about clicking up the rain, and sleeping near the open windows on rainy nights. I've also had a friend who changed her name to Varsha when she was like 2 yrs or something (and retained till this very day), cos she loved the rains so much.

Yup, rain remains a very personal memory, and an enduring love affair.

Mosilager said...

Luckily they didn't fire bullets in the air... that's a beautiful picture of kerala that you painted there!

Neers said...

love rains!! dont i now??

Sharan Sharma said...


Why have the blog posts' frequency reduced? Too much work?

Neers said...

where are you pal??

Sam said...

Eda Aju,

Are you alive? How come you don't seem to respond on msn anymore? Nice post.

Take care!