Friday, December 22, 2006

The Winter Of ’06

The Games Of Your Life is over, leaving in its wake a big void, which many may find difficult to bridge.

The Games, was for me, an opportunity, which I think, I used wisely.
The Games, was for me, a threat, which looked like it would destroy me.
The Games, was for me, time spent (or not) with the family.

15 days since the start of the Games, I became a battle hardened veteran.

I saw bloodless war, healthy rivalry, passion, sadness, tears – of both sadness and joy, sports fanaticism, empty stadiums, extra-full roads, never before seen rains and cold, the church and many things else.

I saw and learned, from what they call and I follow, The Games Of your Life.

(That momentous night was captured by Shahjahan - a colleague, dear friend, and ace lensman. Thanks for letting me use the pic, Bro!) Posted by Picasa


The Inner i said...


MISSquoted** said...

aaaah...the Doha connection.
and you have a friend called shh jehan?? heh heh...pretty trippy.
and a very happy new year to you.

akhil said...

whoa, you were at the Games? ;) lucky luckyyy you!!
and...nice pic!
and, happy 2007 too!

Mosilager said...

happy new year!

ursjina said...

great post!!..great pic

chandni said...


happy new yeAR!

Anonymous said...

Soccerooo..where are you..long time havent heard from you..Hope you had great time at games of our life..send me more pictures dude. Also am thinking of going to middle east this summer..havent confirmed it yet. Rohit