Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Is Dead, Long Live 2008!

Words won't be necessary.

These are pictures of 2007. Selected at random.

No, things weren't as bad as that, and NO, I AINT down and out...

Mr. 2008, here i come. Stop me if you bloody well can!


Nachi said...

2007 might not have been that bad, but it wasn't that great either...but still, i gotta agree with you on the "stop me if you bloody well can."...2008 is a new story!

Happy New Year to you mate!


Jim said...

nice blog you have. Good script & thoughts. It will surely take u to greener places than the doha desert.


aarshi said...

a year only ends when you've stopped hanging on to it...
2007 will be the year so many things changed for me.
my dog died too :(
and other people.
but as to why i haven't posted since september...:) a shared computer is very difficult to get hold of for your very own for a few minutes.
and i've become lazy and have other things to do... like pretending to study for my boards.:)

and i love the first picture. it's beautiful.

happy new year!