Saturday, March 31, 2007

Need I Explain?

Excuse the profanity. They aren’t mine.

What IS mine, is the condition,

That of a confused writer!
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Mosilager said...

That might be a good thing for a writer, might it not?

Nachi said...

its been a while bro...nice to have you back, even if it is in the 'confused writer' state!!


pr!tz said...

awww baby!!

Arti Honrao said...

Count me too


Mystic Rose said...

:). isnt that the best? once it all filters through that is. till then hang on.

N said...

hey crizzie, how is it going? last week, i was hit by a real bad homesickness spell and i thot of u and ur post on rain and how its always beautiful in kerala..

havent heard from u in long. hope u r doing fine :)

akhil said...


"the condition is good!"