Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Moment Of Truth!

8.03 P.M,
Qatar Sports Club,

He ran with his heart and his legs carried him like the wind on the trees.

9.76 seconds later, he ran into my arms and he ran into history.

Justin was the subject of my first World Scoop and hence is the closest to my heart. I ran to him and jumped up to hug him. He looked at me, smiled and hugged me right back.

Justin Gatlin, fastest man on the planet, biggest gentleman i have ever come across! Posted by Picasa

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preyanca said...

heya.. firstly thank you so much for appreciating me for what i have and what i am..
u really put a lot of courage back into me.. which is on its verge of downsliding as de exmas are on.. lol
u hv a gd blog... wt do u do professionally???