Friday, January 06, 2006

Night Flight, By Train!

These are the final few thoughts that I am sharing before I fall off into a deep slumber. That heavy dinner packed tight with generous proportions of a mother’s love has assured me that.

I was washing my hand after dinner when the rattle of the unlocked train door, swaying with the motion of the train caught my fancy. I opened it and as is my habit, watched the black landscape whiz past me. I felt like writing poetry, but soon after banished that thought from my mind. I was safer with prose, has always been.

The wind pushed me back and played magic with my hair. The tear started at the corner of my eye and even as I felt it, welled and made a channel across my face. The world lay in darkness- cold and menacing. I felt cold, through the thin T-shirt I was wearing.

I stretched- holding both those yellow iron bars at the trains entrance- outwards, till I could go no more. It must have been the heavier darkness than the one around it, I saw the plant coming at me and pulled back just in time – it just grazed my face. My near brush with death, left me drained, I felt sleep coming to my eyes.

Pushing close the door with a bang, I ascended my berth, and there, looking at the bright white light shining down on my eyes and the incessant cry of the little kid on the berth next to me, I retired, I slept like a baby.


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